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Awadh Groups is a merger of 10+ subsidiaries headquartered in Lucknow, India. Offering unique and best quality work in diverse areas such as Travel, Digital Solutions, Real Estate, Export/Import, Personal Care, Agriculture, Education, Fisheries, Telecalling, etc. since 2018.

Our subsidiaries comprise Awadh Properties, AG Caller, Awadh Technology, Awadh Export Import, Awadh Saloon, Awadh E-Cart, Awadh India Agrotech, Awadh Travels, Awadh Fisheries, Awadh Education, and Awadh Chetna.


We strongly believe that building customer trust is the primary need of any business. And, Awadh Groups also strive to build a culture of excellence through our shared values such as leadership, integrity, accountability, and responsiveness.


We aim to invest boldly and innovatively in market-leading companies and projects across the globe. With the belief in one partnership at a time, one investment at a time, and one relationship at a time, we work to fulfill our purpose. To make a better tomorrow for all, our purpose is to build a smarter, more efficient, and more comfortable environment around the world.


We have an objective to be a leading technology-driven, environmentally focused, and socially responsible multi-disciplinary conglomerate in the fast-growing market of India and across the globe.


We are on a mission to provide customer-oriented services with the corporation of our diversified group by inventing and developing new products. Awadh Groups of Companies ensures maximum return on investment, long-term stability, and growth, maximizing stakeholder value.


Awadh Group of Companies strives for continuous improvement to fulfill the needs of clients and the market. The main principles and common beliefs are gathered in Awadh Groups of Companies. We adhere to standard business principles and values to retain trust and liability with the customers.